A late surge in registrations brought more than 200 runners to the starting line of the Dundalk Heritage July Fourth 6k race last week.

Something of a team agreement brought Dan Swain the individual title for the second consecutive year.

Swain finished with a time of 20:28.7 to win by a wide margin over runner-up Drew Landgren, who came across in 20:57.

Andrew Cantor took third in 21:51.4.

The women’s champion, Nelly Budrow, finished 12th overall with a time of 25:52.6. She was followed in the top three women by Katie Harrington (20th, 28:46.1) and Michelle Barrick (21st, 28:52.3).

Swain was slightly behind last year’s pace, when he won in a time of 19:56.8, nearly a minute ahead of runner-up Daniel Colopietro (20:50).

But he had plenty of company for most of the race, as he and several teammates from the Falls Road Running Club ran as a group.

“We ran as a pack for about a mile,” Swain said. “All of us usually run about the same times, so whoever felt best during the day was going to win.”

Swain must have felt the best, by a lot.

“I guess I felt best today,” he said. “This is a nice race. It’s a holiday weekend, get to enjoy the day, see the parade afterwards.”

A 2009 Calvert Hall graduate who grew up in Parkville, Swain currently lives in Philadelphia.

The Falls Road group took five of the top six places. The one spot they didn’t get, fifth, went to Dundalk resident Sean Caskey. He finished with a time of 22:17.4.

Swain finished second in the July Fourth 6k to Caskey in 2014.

There were 202 official finishers.

The male age group winners were:

1-10: Guy Goodenough, 8, 29:19.2; 11-19: Nathan Jecelin, 18, 23:44.1; 20-29: Drew Landgren, 26, 20:57; 30-39: Allan Phillips, 38, 22:11.6; 40-49: Dan Knapp, 42, 25:46.7; 50-59: Rob Santoni, 51, 24:15.9; 60-99: Michael Blair, 60, 34:14.2.

The female age group winners:

1-10: Isabella McLaughlin, 9, 48:08.1; 11-19: Madison Magaha, 14, 39:44.7; 20-29: Brooke Tauber, 20, 32:41.8; 30-39: Katie Harrington, 35, 28:46.1; 40-49: Laura Thurston, 46, 29:48.7; 50-59: Michelle Barrick, 53, 28:52.3; 60-99: Marilyn Bevans, 67, 40:49.1.

The youngest finisher was five-year-old Grace Goodenough with a time of 51:40.9. The oldest finisher, Daniel Clune, 68, was 101st overall with a time of 39:48.5.

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